Palm Pre and Eos included in Verizon’s inventory database?

Some leaked images that show Verizon’s inventory database have unveiled two upcoming Palm handsets: Palm P101 and Palm P121.

Since Sprint’s Palm Pre is the P100, this P101 may be Verizon’s version of the smartphone. After all, Verizon did say that it plans to launch the Pre sometime in early 2010.

As for the Palm P121, this might be the unannounced Palm Eos (aka Pixie). We’ve already heard about a CDMA edition of it, which should come next year, so it looks like Verizon will carry it.

Palm Pre Verizon

Palm Eos Verizon

Other handsets that are included in Verizon’s inventory database: BlackBerry Storm 2, HTC Touch Pro2, Samsung Omnia II, and Samsung Convoy U640. Well, we already knew that Verizon would carry all these phones. The sad part is that we still don’t know when exactly they will be launched.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Ilinca Nita

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