New Palm smartphones (P120, C40) coming soon to Sprint?

Almost three months ago, when Palm and Sprint launched the Pre, everyone knew that more webOS smartphones are on their way. One of them has already been identified as Palm Eos (or Pixie).

Other two seem to have recently appeared in Sprint’s inventory management system, codenamed Palm 120 and Palm C40.

The mysterious smartphones appear next to the Palm 100, which is actually the Palm Pre. While the Palm 120 could be a variation of the Pre, the C40 seems to be a totally different device – maybe the Eos, which should come to replace the Palm Centro?

Palm 120 c40 Sprint

As seen last week, Verizon has two upcoming Palm smartphones too: the P101 and P121 – the first one probably being Verizon’s own version of the Pre.

Sure, these assumptions might be wrong, so let’s hope that Palm will soon make an announcement to clear things up.

Via Pre Central

Author: Ilinca Nita

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