Unannounced 32GB Nokia Alvin passes the FCC

Nokia has only two handsets that feature 32GB of internal memory: the already-available Nokia N97, and the yet to come Nokia N900.

Well, the Finnish company will soon have a third 32GB phone. Approved by the FCC as Nokia Alvin RM-559, this device seems to be a bit too long – somewhat like the LG BL40 Chocolate, although not that long. Of course, there’s only a sketchy image of it, so we can’t now what it actually looks like.

From FCC’s documents, we know that Nokia Alvin features quad-band GSM connectivity, tri-band WCDMA (900/1900/2100 MHz), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and, of course, 32GB of internal memory. Also, the Nokia Alvin seems to be using a BL-5J (1320 mAh) battery – the same as Nokia N900.

Nokia 32GB FCC

The Alvin might be one of Nokia’s upcoming touchscreen smartphones that Eldar from Mobile-review recently talked about.

We’ll bring more on this as soon as something new comes up – maybe Nokia World 2009 is the place where more details will be unveiled.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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