#nw09: Nokia World 09′ Preview. Part 2: Trustworthy leaks, rumors and wild speculations

In the first part of Nokia World 09’ preview we talked about the things Nokia has already officially pre-announced for the event. There were surprisingly many of them.

And then we have rumors. There were great many of them too,  this past month. So many, in fact, that it looks like Nokia did not have a choice, but to go and pre-announce some rumored devices as real products.  Without waiting for the start of Nokia World.

So are the things Nokia already announced all, that we will see in Stuttgart?

No. Not even close. If at least part of the rumors floating around come true, there’s much more interesting stuff to come at Nokia World on Wednesday and Tuesday.

Nokia Wolrd 09

Let’s look into them and see which ones are believable and which ones are not.

Rumors and leaks I believe are true

While they say that there is a kernel of truth to every rumor, these days this is certainly not the case. Many of them are just prank’s made because of too much idle time on someone’s hands, others are fabrications and linkbaiting stunts, even more of them – just a wishful thinking of company fanboys.

Still, it’s our job to sift through them and use our experience to figure out which ones can be true and which ones are  not. I’ll try to do that for Nokia World 09’ preview, and will start from the most believable ones.

Nokia N97 mini

Well, this one has bean leaked so many times, from so many different places and in so many ways, that I’m 99% (Nokia can always change their mind no matter what) sure that Nokia N97 Mini announcement at Nokia World is imminent.

Nokia N97 Mini is basically the same, if a bit smaller and cheaper version  as the original  N97.

Nokia N97 mini press

In the development process, Nokia N97 Mini lost the D-pad on QWERTY keyboard and about 1 cm in length, got a smaller, 3.2” display, only 8GB of built-in memory and should be about 100 Euro cheaper then it’s progenitor.

After an extensive preview of Nokia N97 Mini appeared on the net, a lot of people were pretty quick to dismiss the new handset out of hand. With an argument that goes something like this: “Nokia N97 already was a crappy phone with a crappy keyboard. Now you made the keyboard even even crappier, reduced display size and  reduced available  memory? Someone should be fired over this!”

Well, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Nokia N97 Mini. Most of the complaints I heard about it, come from the buggy firmware and too little available app memory.

And, even with these problems, plus a pretty steep price, the original Nokia N97 has been selling quite well.  500K units sold in the first month of sales, is nothing to sneeze at for a device in 600 Euro price range.

If, after a year of trying, Nokia is finally able to make the N97 Mini firmware work right, solves  app memory issues and offers consumer a pretty similar to N97, but cheaper handset, Nokia N97 Mini might have some surprises for us this holiday season.

I’ll be looking into these things at Nokia world and report back what I find.

Xseries, Cseries and Nokia naming scheme change

We’ve first heard about Nokia Xseries and Cseries when Finnish trademark and patent office revealed that Nokia took out the trademark for these names.

Since then, they’ve been confirmed from several sources, with the official announcement pegged for Nokia World. And it looks that these new series will be part of the major revamp of the way Nokia names it’s phones, we told you about a month ago.

The goal of the revamp of naming schemes of Nokia phones, is to make it easy for consumer to understand which phone does what. And to help him easily identify the upgrade path – i.e to know which phone is the successor of the handset he used and loved these past few years.

Every device will be fitted into one of the series. Each series will get it’s own set of minimal specs, so you can be sure of what you are getting when you buy a certain device. Index numbers after the series letter will denote the class of the device, from low to the high end.

Nokia is keeping Nseries and Eseries pretty much as they are right now and adding least two more – C and X series. Whether that’s it or there’s more, I have no idea.

Xseries are replacing the Xpress line of Nokia entertainment/media phones. The minimal specs for Xseries of devices should include 3.5 mm headphone jack, possibility to connect remote controller, hot-swap memory cards, built-in FM radio and some other stuff that is necessity for the entertainment device.

The minimal specs for Eseries are –  Wi-Fi, good e-mail/messaging client, extended synchronization functionality, data encryption, etc; – the stuff a business device can not function without.

The minimal specs for the series will be reviewed and updated every few years.

Ovi Nokia Video Store

Yes, official Nokia Video Store is coming to OVI, just as we told you in April.And it will most likely be announced at Nokia World this week.

More info, and even the possible look of Nokia video store interface has later been leaked in a promo video of some new Nokia touchscreen phone.

Nokia video store

No more details about Nokia video store are available for now. But we can look at Nokia Music service for clues of how video offering will work.

More new devices

This has also been confirmed by multiple sources. The devices that have been pre-announced, or had their details leaked before Nokia World,  are not all of what we’ll see launched in Stuttgart.

There should be 3 more touchscreen handsets announced in Germany this week, some less firm rumors, bordering on outright speculation also mention some sort of device with extended imaging capabilities.

Anyway, with Xseries and Cseries on the way, and none of the leaked or announced handsets sporting X or C letter in front of them, there’s bound to some new handsets to launch yet.

Although the new Nokia 5230 might end up adding an X somewhere to it’s name. Notice, how carefully Nokia was not using the old XM moniker anywhere in the official PR of 5230. Even though the phone is part of “Comes with Music” offering,  and would clearly have been the part of XM line-up a few months ago.

None of these new rumored devices had any details leaked yet, so, Nokia definitely has some surprises in store for us.

Wild rumors and speculations

And, of course, what good is a major event from popular company without a flurry of unsubstantiated rumors and wild speculation from company fanboys.

Nokia World 09’ is no exception. Here’s some more interesting of them:

  • 12 megapixel imaging phone. Most likely, just a wishful thinking. Nokia just started shipping N86 8MP, the new announcement will strongly and negatively impact it’s sales. I’m pretty sure Nokia is working on a 12 megapixel N86 successor. But I don’t expect that we’ll be seing it before Mobile World Congress 2010, if then.
  • 8 megapixel full touchscreen multimedia smartphone. I’ll give this rumor 50% chance of being true. You know, like in it’s 50% chance that it is true, and 50% chance that it isn’t… Frankly, I have no idea. There were some talk about such a device in some places, but nothing I can really trust. Though a high end, full touch multimedia device certainly makes sense for Nokia, complementing it’s low priced full touch offerings.
  • Touchscreen device with capacitive display. Well, leaks from several trustworthy sources have indicated that Nokia is working on capacitive touch offering. So I believe that such a device is coming eventually. Whether it will make it to Nokia World, and whether it is one of those 3 full touch handsets we talked about earlier? I have no clue.
  • Nokia 5900 Xpress Music. Maybe, maybe not. But even if it is announced, it will not be called Xpress Music. It will be part of the new Xseries.

Well, that’s about it, and now it’s only hours left until we know the truth. Time to go finish packing my bags and off to the airport and flight to Stuttgart. Stay tuned for the live coverage of Nokia World 09’ here on UnwiredView.com.

PS. Just as I was about to hit the “Publish” button, Eldar tweeted this:

Tommorow will be some really cool anouncement on Nokia World :) Think you will be astonished

Another confirmation, that Nokia managed to keep at least one big thing secret, to surprise us at  #NW09. Can’t wait to see what it is :)

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