#NW09: Nokia World 2009 live report

Hi everyone,

Nokia World is just starting, and we are here to bring you the best of it.

Unwired View is part of a “social media”  group of bloggers, invited by Nokia to cover the event. We have a great number of interviews and presentations with various Nokia spokespeople, scheduled for the next two days  and will report as they proceed.

There will be separate posts covering all the new things announced and insights gained. However in this post I will be providing live commentary as things proceed.

The official site for Nokia World is here. On this site you can find all the official PR, info. All NW09 keynotes are also streamed live from there.

Welcome to NW09 by Nokia CEO Oli-Pekka Kallasvuo and keynote by Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki called:  The Future of Consumer Driven Mobile Solutions

Since all the keynotes are streamed live, I won’t be recapping everything is said, instead I will be providing running commentary and highlight important things that come up. Be sure to hit refresh on this page often.

So far CEO welcome is pretty boring.

55 million active users, nice figure, but does not tell us much.

More statistics on OVI store, but no app download figures. Seems that they do not have much to tell about it. More statistics on OVI mail.

Again, more figures about Music Store, Comes with Music, number of available tracks. What should I care? Give us the  numbers of how the service performs – number of CWM handsets sold, number of tracks purchased!!!

N97 and 5800 figures. More obfuscation – 10 million sold – no breakdown by model, obviously most of that was 5800.  Finally! Interesting tidbit – N97 is selling faster the N95 when it launched in 2007. Still, some concrete figures would have been nice.

C’mon. Do we really need to hear the rehash of N900, Booklet 3G, Microsoft deal  PR? Just let Ansi on the stage and let him give us all the juicy details we are all craving for!!!

Good news. Everything announced should be available much quicker. All announced things will be available to try here within 48hrs.

Two new music devices, Nokia N97 MIni confirmed.

Something big between Facebook and OVI coming. Obviously some sort of close integration between Facebook and some OVI services. Let’s dream a little – single login between Nokia accounts and Facebook connect? Now that would be nice!

OK, Anssi Vanjokki’s turn. All the goodies are coming!

A pot shot at Blackberry – we already sell 3 times more QWERTY phones than our closest competitor who dominated the QWERTY market. Now we teamed with Microsoft and it’s only a matter of time until WE dominate the market!

Sounds hurt that everyone’s saying that Nokia can not compete in the smartphone biz. While they were and are the biggest player. I fully agree that those stupid arguments about Nokia fading into irrelevance are complete BS.

The 2 millionth  N97 will ship in a few days!! (did I hear that right?)

Confirmed – memory issues are fixed and kinetic scrolling is coming in the next N97 firmware update.

New firmware is coming in a few weeks

Introducing N97 Mini .

Bla bla bla. For Facebook users, maps, social location, mesh-up world, dynamic world. Bla bla bla

Lonely Planet integrated in N97 Mini (For free?).

Nokia maps app integrated in Facebook (as an application). That’s it? Hope not. My dreams of single login shattered :(

Nokia N97 Mini pric e – 450 EUR before taxes and subsidies. Sounds great. If the original N97 is selling as they say, Mini sales could be even better.

Not again about Nokia Music and how it is cheaper and better the iTunes. We’ve heard that  ad nauseum. Either you give us some figures or just shut up already.

And yes, we already heard how good you are in Singapore. What about the rest of the world?

Something new. Nokia X6 (that looks just like Nokia Alvin) – 450EUR. It will be Comes with Music device (you can not buy without it).

And Nokia X3 – 115EUR.

Booklet 3G,  nothing new yet. We will have more detailed Booklet overview post soon. We played with Booklet yesterday, it’s very good. Netbook.

Booklet 3G’s unsubsidized price: 575 EUR

Let’s see what new things we can find out about N900.

We will need to go through 5 generations of Maemo OS before it reaches it’s full potential. N770 was step #1, N900 is step #4. Still one more step before it becomes what they want it to become.

Well, seems that that’s about it on devices.Final quote: Nokia is not on defensive, we are on offensive. I fully agree

Sit down with JP Sipponen, Director, Devices, Explore Category (Nseries)

N97/N97 Mini

2 millionth Nokia N97 to ship in a few days. Confirmed. Now that’s a surprise. Goes to show how much all that negative tech geek bashing mean in the real world…

V2 firmware for N97/N97 Mini coming in October. N97/N97 mini will run exactly the same software

New Api’s for online/offline.

Kinetic scrolling across the board, where list goes below the screen. IN list view and in applications/grid view too. Available for developers too.

SIP framework fully integrated with address book. Skype will be distributed as separate app since October. Only N97 N97/mini for now. Fully integrated with phone logs, call logs, address book.


Maemo is a desktop OS adopted for Mobile. Desktop software apps can work on Maemo device with very little tinkering. So basically all Linux desktop software can be easily made to run on N900

True multitasking. Applications run at the same time, like on a PC.

Long press works just like right click on a mouse.

With N900 is more important to get it into the hands of the right people, and to have bigger sales. Sounds pretty much like the marketing of Palm Pre.

Again talking about 5 generations/steps, and N900 is the 4th. So more important getting the right people interested, then high sales. (My take) sales will be focus of the next generation of Maemo devices. probably in 2011.

The main key feature of N900 – the browser.

Eric John, Director, Ovi Store

Redownloading application status? New patch for the service to address redownloading in ~six weeks.

Refunds? Plans for DRM expansion for try&buy to make it easy have a trial version in a single app soon.

Nokia EVP Devices, Kai Oistamo

Symbian – it’s about smartphones. Telecom legacy and Symbian is optimized for it. It’s an OS made for making phones smart.

Maemo – the opposite – taking desktop Linux distro and adding more and more connectivity. For developers we use a Webkit and QT above Symbian and Maemo. Developers will have a single environment to write apps in for both platforms.

Firefox – that’s technology we have today on N900, don’t make any far reaching conclusions. (As I see it, Firefox is an intermediary step, next versions will have Webkit based browser).

“Even if we tried we wouldn’t be able to stop Symbian.” We sold most S30 devices last year, stopped development 3 years ago. The same now is true for S40, development slowed, volumes grow. Similar process for S60/Symbian, now moving into mid market, big volumes growth.

The smartphone space is going to continue.

Maemo is a better future platform when pushing boundaries, making computers portable.

Booklet 3G

It will ship with headset and Nokia phone charger (to charge phones from PC).

Launches together ot very close to Windows 7.

Nokia Booklet 3G product development team size – 30 people.

Few pictures of Booklet 3G with final packaging:



Aari Jaksi, Nokia VP, Maemo platform

S40 – really good for lowest end. Symbian – smartphone, operator customization. Maemo – great for mobile computers.

When we are developing Maemo device. first we develop software and services, then look what hardware is needed to them and device to shine.

Desktop Linux apps – in order to make it run on Maemo you only have to remake user interface. It all depends on app and developer, how much they want to adapt UI for Maemo. But I don’t think any desktop app can just run on Maemo mobile device. Optimization will be necessary.

For Maemo updates we have OTA (over the air capabilty) built in. We don’t know yet if we will be updating N900 to Maemo 6 when it comes out. Basically you can update N900 like you updating any Debian based PC. You can flash everything on it,  except cellular stack. So even if we don’t offer Maemo 6 update, you can do it yourself.

Development of third party apps for Maemo will move to QT by next version. To develop apps for Maemo right now you have 2 options:

  1. Use tools we have right now, if you’ve done Linux development it should be easy.
  2. In a few months we will have QT running on Mameo 5/N900, so you can wait for that.

Monetization opportunities for Maemo apps will be the same the same  as for Symbian apps.

Regarding the battery life for N900, it’s moderately good already. But we are working hard even now to significantly improve it. And we have a pretty good chance to do it between now and official shipping date. It was difficult to optimize battery life to real life use scenario, because we had very few people using it due to need to keep it secret.

Now that N900 is announced, we can really get it out there, track how real people use N900 in real life, and optimize battery for that, which is very important for mobile devices. The goal is to have to charge N900 no more then once a day in most real life use situations.

We went with Windows on Booklet because people like Windows,are familiar and use a lot of apps on them. (translated – average user does not like Linux, just look what happened to first Linux based netbooks). We could have made Maemo , but that would have needed serious adaptation.

Third party  handset makers and Maemo. It is possible for any device maker to make Maemo device. I’ve seen some demos, but don’t know anyone who is working on it. And we, as Nokia, do not push it.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • http://davestechshop.net/ Dave

    Thank you! Great summary. I am excited to find out more details about the N900 USA launch. Carrier? Price? Date?

  • maxim

    You write “SIP framework fully integrated with address book.” … does that mean that SIP is coming back to the N97? Is that official? To date I have only read and heard about rumors. Also is there a high level timeframe for this as in separate posts I see that this is not in the scope of the firmware 2.0 for the N97.

  • putualbertolee


    Could you share us the link to the post that mentions SIP client is not in the scope of firmware 2.0 for the N97? I'm also hoping that native SIP client will be included in this firmware update 2.0….

  • Maxim

    don't have a direct link but on nokiablog.com you can see a video of a preview of the new firmware and if SIP were in it I'm sure they would have mentioned it.

  • Maxim

    don't have a direct link but on nokiablog.com you can see a video of a preview of the new firmware and if SIP were in it I'm sure they would have mentioned it.