HTC Touch HD2 to Run Android?

The HTC Touch HD is back. And this time, it’s Android. Wait, what?

Sure we’re hearing all about the Touch Pro2 and the Touch 2, but those aren’t the only sequels in the works for the Touch series; we are now hearing word that the Touch HD is ready for a refresh, and have a few changes in store.

Here’s how we learned of this new development.

RegHardware talked it over with HTC and found a few details.

  • Touch HD 2 will sport the Android OS, instead of the Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 on the original (not even the 6.5, surprisingly)
  • The sequel will add 100 more MHz to the processor. Instead of the original 528 MHz Qualcomm, we can expect a 628 MHz.
  • No other major changes announced yet; it will likely feature the same 3.8″ touchscreen.

We’re glad to hear about an improvement in processing speed, though by the time the Touch HD 2 comes out to the masses we’ll be seeing a healthy number of handsets with much faster processors included.


(picture of original Touch HD)

What else would you like to see included in the newest HTC Touch HD? No word on release date or pricing, but we expect to see this come out sometime next year.

via RegHardware via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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  • davejoy

    oh please dear god upgrade it to snapdragon

    snapdragon + android + full qwerty = GOLD

  • rusgirls
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    Dhari Al Fares.

  • Bob Cooley

    I was looking forward to buying this phone but if they switch to Android I'll look for something else.
    AnyPhone + Android = Fail

  • Bob Cooley

    I was looking forward to buying this phone but if they switch to Android I'll look for something else.
    AnyPhone + Android = Fail