Possible Touch Pro2 Release on Verizon Next Week

It’s true that we already have a winner — T-Mobile —  in the intense US race to get the Touch Pro2 to market, but that doesn’t mean the race is officially over. In fact, Sprint and Verizon have been neck-and-neck with Sprint taking the lead by offering pre-orders via Telesales beginning Thursday.

Rumors are flying now that Verizon will release their red flavor of Touch Pro2 goodness on September 11.

So it looks like Verizon will be a close 3rd place with AT&T a bit further behind with a rumored release time in October. Keep in mind, however, that October is when Windows Mobile 6.5 will be released to the market; this means that AT&T will likely be the winner in the race to get the first Touch Pro2 with WinMo 6.5 out, unless one of the other 3 push out an available update faster.


It’s not too often that we see such a handset become available on every major carrier in the US, so there is a lot of fanfare. It will be interesting to see the comparisons between all 4.

The Verizon Touch Pro2 should be launched with a $199 price tag after rebate with contract, which will make it the least expensive of the 3 companies so far.


Author: Brad Molen

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