Cheaper Nokia X6 16GB coming in 2010 without CWM?

Announced last week during NW09, the new Nokia X6 touchscreen phone should be available starting the fourth quarter of the year, for €450 – a Nokia Comes With Music subscription is included in this price.

According to the press release that presented the X6, the phone will only be sold with the mentioned CWM subscription.

However, it looks like there will be a cheaper version of it, with only 16GB of internal memory (instead of 32GB) and without Nokia’s music download service that many may not need.

Nokia X6 16GB

Expansys lists the Nokia X6 16GB as being available in the UK starting February 24, 2010, for £344.99 (about $566). The regular X6 (Comes With Music included) appears as being available starting November 12 this year, for £529.99 ($870).

Via and IntoMobile

Author: Ilinca Nita

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