Motorola Dext / Cliq previewed. Low price apparently confirmed

Announced yesterday as Motorola Cliq for T-Mobile USA and Motorola Dext for the rest of the world, Moto’s first Android smartphone is definitely one of the company’s most interesting devices in the last few years.

Initially known as Motorola Morrison, the Cliq / Dext is a touchscreen handset with a full QWERTY keyboard and almost any feature you’d want from a modern smartphone, including 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi , 3.5mm headset jack and a 5MP autofocus camera.

The phone uses MotoBlur, a customized Android UI that syncs all your contacts and provides quick access to social networking services.

A preview of the Motorola Cliq / Dext has just appeared over at Mobile-review. The general impression is that the smartphone is a really nice one.

The MotoBlur UI (which requires you to create an account) works well, the touchscreen display is “good” and responsive, while the QWERTY keyboard is “quite handy”.

Motorola Dext Cliq Android preview

Motorola Dext Cliq Android preview 2

Motorola Dext Cliq Android preview 3

Motorola Dext Cliq Android preview 4

Motorola Dext Cliq Android preview 5

Motorola Cliq / Dext vs iPhone:

Motorola Dext Cliq  vs iPhone

Motorola Cliq / Dext vs HTC Hero:

Motorola Dext Cliq  vs HTC Hero

Motorola Cliq / Dext vs Nokia N97:

Motorola Dext Cliq  vs Nokia N97 open

Motorola hasn’t announced the price of its first Android smartphone, but it looks like it’s going to be a pretty low one.

Eldar Murtazin says that the Moto Dext will cost about €150 ($220) unsubsidized, and €1 on contract, while T-Mobile’s Moto Cliq is rumored to be $400 without contract, and free with. Of course, we can’t know for sure how much the Cliq / Dext will cost until something official comes up

Author: Ilinca Nita

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