Windows Mobile 7 will feature Social Networking integration

Although Windows Mobile 6.5 phones aren’t officially out yet, Microsoft is already working to complete Windows Mobile 7, which should be launched sometime in 2010.

A job announcement found at Mictosoft’s official website unveils that WM 7 will feature a “Mobile Social Platform” that should “bring social networks to life by integrating them into the core experience” of Windows Mobile 7 phones.

More exactly, Microsoft wants users to get all the news and updates from their favorite social networks in a “single hub” integrated into their phones. So it seems that Windows Mobile 7 will be able to offer what Palm’s Synergy and Motorola’s Blur are offering.

Windows Mobile 7 social networks integration

The Mobile Social Platform for WM 7 is in the early stage of development, that’s why Microsoft is looking for a senior program manager to help “several WM7 teams” develop it. The job announcement can be found here.

Via MobileTechWorld

Author: Ilinca Nita

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