Samsung announces single chip capacitive touchscreen controller

Apart from announcing the S5PC110, S5PV210 and S5K4EA chips, today Samsung has also introduced the “world’s first mobile display driver IC with embedded touchscreen control functionality”.

Based on the Touch Embedded DDI (display driver IC) technology, Samsung’s new single chip features a capacitive touch screen control function and should enable manufactures to design slimmer devices.

The Touch Embedded DDI chip from Samsung will be initially used for mobile phones, PMPs and MP3 players (as long as they have capacitive touchscreen displays, of course).

“Samsung’s Touch Embedded DDI technology achieves three significant advancements: reduced chip area, lower power consumption and superior cost competitiveness. Single-chip integration brings added value to DDI solutions and further positions the DDI technology as a core component in advanced mobile platforms,” declared Dr. Myunghee Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ DDI development team.

Samsung  capacitive touchscreen controller

Samsung says that sales of touchscreen phones will quickly grow in the next few years and, by 2012, they may account for 27% of total handset sales.

Via NewsWire

Author: Ilinca Nita

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