Jabra Stone Announced, Teased, Pics Leaked on Same Day

A lot of hullabaloo is being made about the Jabra Stone. The upcoming bluetooth headset from the popular manufacturer is being teased on its own official website with nothing but a countdown timer and silhouette of the mysterious device. From this site it only appears to be in the shape of a stone.

The mic will have noise cancellation, there will be no need for a boom mic, and will have soft rubber padding.

As you can tell from the countdown timer, the headset will be unveiled on October 20.


Obviously this isn’t much to work off of, and Jabra wants to keep it that way. Unfortunately for them, however, the pesky “anonymous tipster” is at it again. Tipsters always spoil all the fun, don’t they?

This particular tipster submitted photo evidence, shown below. It appears that when the headset is docked in the charger, the two are fit in such a way that it looks like a stone. Clever name scheme indeed — if this tipster is correct.


via Gizmodo

Author: Brad Molen

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