More HTC Leo Images and Video Emerge; New Details Thrown In

The HTC Leo has been getting a lot of face time lately and for good reason, considering the impressive specs that have been offered up. The purported successor in the HTC Touch Pro series is well-stacked with 1GhZ Snapdragon processor, 320 MB RAM, 516 MB flash memory, and certainly the 4:3, 480 x 800 pixel touchscreen is especially breathtaking.

And the spoonfeeding of information and pictures continue as a recent post on WMExperts offers up even more.

The additional information rumored on the Leo includes:

  • No TV-out support.
  • No digital compass.
  • Great feel, given the large size
  • 1,230mAh battery.
  • It’ll work as a USB host
  • Video res is 640×480

The source also brings forth pictures as visual confirmation.

We also received rumors that the Leo will be released on Telstra as early as next month, though all we have foumd for it is a screenshot of Telstra’s website:


And as a final treat, we dug up a video showing off the Leo in action, courtesy of PocketPCThoughts.

How valid is any of this? You be the judge, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Author: Brad Molen

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