Moto CLIQ Will Come With Plethora of Apps Preloaded

We’d venture to guess that Motorola is doing a great job in generating intrigue and interest in its CLIQ Android handset that’s set to release mid-October, because we here at UV are definitely feeling intrigued.

The Android OS is still so new and fresh to most people that any little piece of information like this will help generate extra buzz. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the popularity of the iPhone, it’s that people love apps. In this world of touchscreen phones, apps rule.

The latest discovery comes from an official Motorola CLIQ site listing off a massive number of various apps that will be featured. Check out the link to see the entire list, but we’ll touch upon some of our favs.

  • Mint – For keeping track of your finances
  • Yahoo Mail – Interesting it has its own app on a Google OS
  • Digg – We’re intrigued on how this will look and feel as its own app
  • Lifestyle apps – Including Gizmodo and Lifehacker, amongst others
  • Quickoffice – The same app costs upwards of $12.99 on the iPhone, but Moto is including it for free


There are quite a few others that we aren’t listing here. My question is, if you don’t want all of these apps on your phone will you be able to delete them? Or will they be like the preloaded iPhone apps that can’t be deleted?


Which apps are most appealing to you? And more importantly, should all these apps become standard for all Android phones?

via Phandroid

Author: Brad Molen

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