Motorola Tao Will be Droid on Verizon, to Offer Flash?

A couple tidbits are coming down the pipeline about the Motorola Tao on Verizon — or should I say Motorola Droid?

Yes, it’s all very confusing when you consider the history of this particular Android handset. It first began as the Motorola Shules before moving to Sholes; after that it then became the Tao, and now Verizon is rumored to be branding it as the Droid.

Does this mean that it will still be called the Tao in other parts of the globe? After all, US carriers like to do the same thing with HTC devices (see: Fuze, Tilt, MyTouch 3G, etc.) so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if this is Verizon’s attempt to make it their own.


A couple other morsels of info to chew on: the Droid will not come with MOTOBLUR but instead be a straight Google device, and it will also have support for Adobe Flash. The iPhone will have nuthin’ on the Droid if it has Flash support.

Updated specs for the Droid include:

  • 3.7″ display
  • 854×480 WVGA capacitive screen
  • 5 MP camera
  • ARM 500MHz CPU
  • Facial recognition using the built-in camera with integrated Google search
  • Sans MOTOBLUR, sans Verizon UI (rejoice?)
  • Colors: black, titanium

via BGR

Author: Brad Molen

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