Obama Administration Bans Fed Employees From Texting-and-Driving

There are certainly a lot of news about texting and driving lately, and the government is starting to take notice.

In an effort to make America’s roads safer (at least as safe as they were 20 years ago before cell phones and texting), President Obama signed an executive order last night banning all federal employees from being able to text and drive in 3 situations:

  • While driving a government-owned vehicle
  • While using a government-owned device (in their own vehicle)
  • While driving on government business

On top of this, the Obama Administration is planning on banning all truck drivers and bus drivers from texting or calling while driving as well, but only government workers will be enforced until further steps have been taken.


I haven’t seen any stats on how many accidents countrywide have involved government workers texting or calling, but the government is really trying to make a statement on how serious the issue is for everyone, not just government workers.

Your take on this matter? I personally have no issue with it. Texting while driving, in my opinion, is even more dangerous than calling (at least with calling you typically have your eyes on the road).

via NYT via PhoneScoop

photo courtesy TheBSreport

Author: Brad Molen

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