TXTBlocker Prevents Kids From Texting Whilst Driving

There’s a good chance you currently live in a state that has either banned texting while driving, or in a state that’s considering it. So it’s extremely unsafe and quite possibly illegal. Are you worried that your driving-aged children are breaking the law and putting their lives in danger, and you can’t do anything about it?

A brilliant new service has just been announced by TXTBlocker. It utilizes the GPS inside your kids’ cell phone to tell whether or not they’re in a moving car, and if they are it will lock their cell down so they can’t call or text.

The user of the phone is still able to dial 911; any incoming calls are sent to voicemail and incoming texts are stored in the phone’s database until it’s been determined it is safe to communicate.


For now the service is available on most Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, but they are working on a solution for Android and iPhone. So it does limit the number of teens who will be affected by this, because only a low percentage of them actually use one of these types of handsets.

But the concept is wonderful and we are hoping it will expand out to several other types of phones. The service is $9.99 per month after a $25 setup fee.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you use the service with your teens? Or are you a teen terrified at the thought of another way for your parents to control you? Please sound off in the comments section. Vent your frustration or glee.

via TXTBlocker via Phonescoop

Author: Brad Molen

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