AT&T Intros Four Phones with Opera HTML Browser

So, you want to have a full mobile web-browsing experience on AT&T without being forced to shell out $30 for a smartphone or iPhone data plan. We understand. And apparently, so does AT&T.

We have learned of the official introduction of four new handsets – 2 Samsung, 2 Pantech – that will be coming out within the next month, just in time for the big holiday rush. All of these will come equipped with Opera’s full HTML browser already on it.

It will be interesting to see how well this new browser performs on these feature phones. Will it be any better than the browsers already equipped on AT&T feature phones?

And the other question is, will the browsers perform so well that it will rival the HTML browser on most AT&T smartphones?

Let’s go through all of the announced devices.


Samsung Flight

First we have the Flight (pictured left), a “next-generation messaging device”. How? Because not only does it have a QWERTY slide-out keyboard, it also features a touchscreen. It will be hitting stores in November at a decent cost of $99.99 with contract after rebate.

Samsung Mythic

The Mythic (pictured center) is the biggest eye candy of the bunch. With a Touchwiz 3.3″ touchscreen display, it reminds us of the Eternity and Solstice in overall look. It will have Mobile TV and will be available in November for $199.99 with contract after rebate.

Pantech Reveal

Well, the Reveal (pictured right) certainly has a curious look to it, being a slider with a numeric keypad on top and QWERTY underneath. This particular device will be ready on October 18 but no word yet on pricing. All we know is that it will have 3G and GPS Navigator.

Pantech Impact

The Impact (not pictured) will offer a OLED touchscreen and will open up as a side flip (think LG EnV) to show off a secondary screen and full QWERTY keyboard. It will feature 3G and music player, and the front touchscreen will be haptic. No pricing or availability just yet.

Also intriguing is a new method of saving bookmarks to your mobile browser by going to on your PC and clicking “send to mobile.”

The new Opera browser is described as “a rich hybrid experience that gives you a HTML experience similar to your PC browser at home” that “works really well on a feature phone.” Whatever that means. I’ve never been incredibly impressed by mobile browsers on a feature phone, so I hope this is worth all the extra hullabaloo.

via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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