Flash 10.1 to Offer Full Mobile Flash Support with HD Video

If you use Android, WebOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Symbian, you will be incredibly happy to hear that Adobe is updating Flash to 10.1 with some great features, including FULL Flash support on your device.

If you use iPhone, sorry. No progress to report there.

So here’s what Flash 10.1 will have to offer: full Flash with GPU acceleration so that you can play YouTube videos in HD. It will add in support for accelerometers, multitouch, and gestures. It will also work for Netbooks as well.

Does this mean you’ll be able to watch Hulu on your mobile device? Yes, yes it does. On every major smartphone OS except one.


There’s only one bad piece of news here, and that’s the waiting time; while betas will be coming out this year for WinMo and WebOS, full rollout won’t be taking place until mid-2010. Android and Symbian betas will be early next year.

But still, we’re incredibly happy to hear how much better the mobile internet experience will be getting in the very near future.

And it’s one more checkmark for any smartphone besides the iPhone.

via Adobe

Author: Brad Molen

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