Flash is Coming to The iPhone. Well, Sort of.

In a move destined to make Apple look like the bad guy in the long-lasting feud between them and Adobe, the latter company announced today at Adobe MAX 2009 that Flash will be (and is already) available to a degree on the iPhone.

While Flash Player 10.1 – which will provide full web Flash content on mobiles – cannot be available for the iPhone OS, they will be bringing out software making it possible for developers to create apps on the iPhone using Flash.

Flash Professional CS5 will offer the ability to create iPhone applications, using ActionScript3. A beta will be ready later this year, and you can sign up here to be notified.

How is this different from the 10.1 that other platforms will enjoy? According to the FAQ, “The new support for iPhone applications in the Flash Platform tooling will not allow iPhone users to browse web content built with Flash technology on iPhone, but it may allow developers to repackage existing web content as applications for iPhone if they choose to do so.”


Interestingly enough, apps are already available in the App Store with Flash content, using a pre-release version of the software. Check Adobe’s site for more details.

At least we’re making some headway here. Is it working around the system? Perhaps, but it appears to be completely legal. And frankly, this will definitely improve the content in the App Store; not to mention it will make the process of creating apps easier for most devs.

via Adobe

Author: Brad Molen

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