More Blackberry Tour 2 Pics, Info on Dakota’s Camera Revealed

It seems just like yesterday that the Blackberry Tour was released to Sprint and Verizon. It wasn’t THAT recent, but it was still not too long ago. Crazy as it seems, though, we’re already looking ahead to its sequel.

The truth is that we were looking ahead to it the whole time, but the Tour 2 was being disguised with the code-name ‘Essex’. Who knows if it will stick, but we do know for sure that the Essex will replace the current Tour very early 2010 (likely January or February).

What’s the improvement of the sequel compared to its predecessor? WiFi, trackpad and an improved camera. Verizon is on a kick to include WiFi on all future Blackberry models, so it comes as no surprise that the Tour 2 will likely come out rather fast.

Here are a couple pics of the Tour 2, taken by Salomondrin (or somebody Sal knows really well):


Also I promised a little morsel of info on the Blackberry Dakota, previously known as the “Magnum” (are you keeping track of all these? If so, I give you 10 brownie points): it will feature a camera lens with new “liquid lens” technology. This new tech is supposed to use a couple different types of liquids to mimic the human eye’s abilitiy to focus on objects.

The other neat part of the Dakota? It’s a hybrid GSM device, meaning it will have both physical keyboard and touchscreen. Nice!

via Crackberry

Author: Brad Molen

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