Tilt2, HTC Pure Now Official on AT&T

Tonight AT&T has officially announced the HTC Touch Pro2 (branded as the Tilt2) and the Touch Diamond2 (branded as the Pure) complete with Windows Mobile 6.5.

What do you mean, you’ve already seen the Pure show up and get sold in AT&T retail stores? If you said it’s a formality, you’d likely be correct. It’s gotta get announced sometime, right?

In the press release we learned that the Pure is now available as we speak for $149 after contract and $50 rebate, and the Tilt2 will become available for $299 after $50 rebate “in the coming weeks”.


Both devices will feature WinMo 6.5 and HTC’s TouchFLO 3D UI. Everything else is rather well-known at this point.

via AT&T Press Room

Author: Brad Molen

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