AT&T Tilt2 Coming to Play October 8

Last night we reported that the AT&T Tilt2 was finally officially announced, and there was much rejoicing. Except for the part that said the device would be released sometime in the coming weeks.

Luckily we have Boy Genius on the scene to translate what “coming weeks” meant; apparently by coming weeks, AT&T meant roughly 4 days.

But we understand why the extra leeway is given. After all, there have been a few botched launch attempts on AT&T’s end in the recent months. The Nokia Mural is one example, the Blackberry Bold software update another. So it makes sense that the October 8 date isn’t being spread out to the entire world just in case there’s a last-minute recall.

Obviously we sure hope there isn’t, but at least AT&T has had the pleasure of introducing the first Windows Mobile 6.5 device to the world in the HTC Pure.


Since the internal docs that BGR got ahold of were dated on Oct 2, we know that this is pretty relevant information to be giving out. Not to mention the fact that BGR only typically publishes rumors that are relevant and have some basis to them.

via BGR

Author: Brad Molen

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