iPhone Launch Planned by Bell and Telus in November

Wouldn’t it be a crazy coincidence if Bell, upon launching its shiny brand new HSPA network next month, starts selling the iPhone at roughly the same time? Is your mind blown yet?

According to a report done by The Globe and Mail, it turns out that Rogers is losing exclusivity rights to the iPhone next month and Bell and Telus both are hungry for the coveted device.

Apple’s response to the claim? No response. Same with Bell and Telus; obviously they are bound by some kind of blood oath that prevents them from being able to spill any secrets (My interpretation, it’s not official).


We are incredibly curious to see how this all rolls out. If Bell and Telus do start selling the iPhone, the effect it has on Rogers would be indicative of what would happen in the US if and when AT&T were to lose exclusivity rights. We’ll be looking out for all the parallels we can.

Author: Brad Molen

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