Kemplar & Strauss Claims Smallest Watch Phone

Watchphones are still new. The whole idea of wearing your phone on your wrist still seems a little off to a lot of people, but the only way of having the general population get used to the idea is to bring more out into market, right?

We have seen the LG GD910, the Samsung S9110, as well as niche-market Phenom watchphones. Now the new kid in town is made by Kempler & Strauss, called the W Phone. Its particular claim? To be the world’s smallest watchphone.

Now, being so small it still manages to pack in a touchscreen, microSD (with 4 GB internal storage), MP3 player, built-in camera with video record, and games.


As can be expected, it uses bluetooth and comes included with its own Communicator bluetooth headset. If you don’t want to use a headset you can opt for the in-car stereo option if your car allows.

The W Watchphone will be an unlocked GSM phone that’s sold for $199. So not only is it the smallest watchphone, it’s likely the least expensive.

via Kempler & Strauss

photo courtesy Newscom

Author: Brad Molen

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