Microsoft announces huge list of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, HTC HD2 included

Some of the new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones have already been announced by US carriers (HTC Pure and Tilt2 for AT&T, HTC Imagio for Verizon).

Well, today Microsoft has unveiled all the devices that will come with Windows Mobile 6.5 in near future, including some WM 6.1 handsets that will be upgraded to the new version of the mobile OS.

In the US, apart from the already mentioned smartphones, customers will also be able to buy the Samsung Intrepid from Sprint (pictured below), starting October 11. Latin America will also get a taste of Windows Mobile 6.5, as TIM Brasil will launch the Samsung Omnia II in the coming weeks.

Samsung Intrepid Sprint

Moving on, here’s the list with WM 6.5 devices that will come to Europe:

  • HTC HD2 from Orange France, available in the coming weeks (the HD2 has been officially announced by HTC too)
  • MDA Vario V, MDA Compact V, HTC Touch2 and Samsung Omnia II from Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) in select markets
  • HTC Touch2 from Orange – in France, Spain, Switzerland and Romania
  • Samsung Omnia II from Orange – in Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia and France
  • Samsung Omnia LITE from Orange France and Spain
  • Samsung Omnia PRO B7320 from Orange France and UK
  • Toshiba TG01 W from Orange – an update to the TG01 coming in the next few weeks in France, the UK, Switzerland and Romania
  • LG GM750 and Samsung Omnia II from SFR in France
  • TMN Bluebelt 2 and TMN Silverbelt (both made by ZTE) from TMN Portugal
  • Samsung Omnia II and Omnia LITE from TMN Portugal
  • HTC Touch Diamond2 from Vodafone – in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia and South Africa
  • HTC Touch Pro2 from Vodafone UK and Switzerland
  • LG GM750 from Vodafone Germany, UK, Spain and Netherlands

In Asia, China Unicom will launch the ZTE X60, while Telstra Australia prepares the HTC Touch Diamond2.

There’s also a list of WM 6.5 phones that are apparently available in Asia on the open market:

All Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets come with Windows Marketplace for Mobile and Microsoft My Phone.

“A Windows phone lets people take their entire world of digital information, communications, applications and entertainment with them wherever they go,” declared Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Via Microsoft

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • heavyduty

    What Samsung model is displayed in the picture, it looks like it's running WM Pro? Will there be a GSM version?

  • Ilinca

    It's the Samsunng Intrepid from Sprint. It has quad-band GSM connectivity in addition to CDMA EV-DO. It probably runs WM 6.5 Standard.

  • Ilinca

    Well, it's actually WM 6.5 Professional, so it has a touchscreen.

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