Dell Mini 3i is Coming to the US Soon

Were you in a jealous rage when you heard that Dell was coming out with a new smartphone that was only going to be available in China? Be furious no longer, because a rumor published through CrunchGear indicates that this same Dell Phone, called the Mini 3i, will be US-bound in the coming months.

That’s right, folks. Since the Mini 3i is Android-based, it will bring a lot of competition into an already intensely-competitive market. It’s going to be butting heads with the likes of HTC, Samsung, Motorola, amongst others.

In the rumor, we have learned that the US version will offer better hardware and a better camera (5 MP instead of China’s 3 MP), so it is making us as curious as ever.


So will it hold up against such rivals as the Motorola CLIQ or HTC Hero? Nobody knows, but that’s what makes this all exciting for now! Expect more trickling of information in the near future.

Author: Brad Molen

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