HTC Hero (Predator?) apparently confirmed for Verizon

When Verizon announced that it has partnered with Google in order to launch several Android phones, it didn’t unveil the phones’ names.

However, everyone believes that one of them is the Motorola Droid / Tao / Sholes.

But what about the other ones? Well, Verizon has published a photo with two of its officials holding two Android devices. On the right, it looks like we have the Moto Sholes, while one the left – surprise – is an HTC smartphone that looks a bit like Sprint’s HTC Hero.

Verizon Android HTC Hero Motorola Droid Tao Sholes

Verizon Android HTC Hero Motorola Droid Tao Sholes 1

BGR says that the Hero is confirmed for Verizon and it should come sometime in November, although it may have a different name. HTC Predator, perhaps? We’ll find out soon. Until then, one thing’s certain: Verizon is taking Android seriously.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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