Samsung Intrepid WinMo 6.5 Out on Sprint Next Week

The newest version of the Samsung Ace is called the Samsung Intrepid, and it’s trying to leave its mark as one of the first Windows Mobile 6.5 phones to come to market in the US.

It’s planning on coming out on Sunday, October 11, and will look awfully similar to the Ace. It has the same form factor with QWERTY keyboard, and ever-so-slightly improved features.

The Intrepid will be offering a 3.2 MP camera, world roaming, EVDO Rev A and WiFi support. It is a touchscreen with 2.5″ QVGA display so it will be using the Professional edition of 6.5.


If you are interested in the slightest, be prepared to shell out $150 with contract after $100 rebate. Still interested? Let us know in the comments what you think.

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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