Blackberry Onyx to be Announced on T-Mobile, AT&T Oct 21

While any avid readers of UV will know that Blackberry Onyx has been in the works for quite some time and is gearing up for a launch sometime soon (most likely before the holidays), we didn’t have any sort of real timeline with which to work.

This is where Engadget has come to the rescue. One reliable source has whispered in their ear that the eagerly-anticipated Blackberry Bold followup will be announced not just on AT&T but on T-Mobile as well, on October 21.

Note that we said “announced”, not “launched”. For all we know, they could turn out to be launching the device the very same week. After all, AT&T pulled that with the HTC Pure/Tilt2 announcement, right? But we’re not going to hypothesize anything on that end.


On a sidenote, a small post over at Gizmodo pointed to a rep at CTIA letting us know that the Blackberry Bold (9000) will be available in white at AT&T online and at select markets on October 18.


If this is true, our question is: why NOW? When you have the sequel being announced 3 days later, what’s the point of launching a completely new color now? This should have been launched a few months ago, instead.


But they don’t pay us the big bucks to be a marketing genius, unfortunately.

via Engadget

BB Bold White via Gizmodo

Author: Brad Molen

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