Holiday Roadmap for Verizon Leaked

’tis the season to learn all the juicy secrets about what new handsets will bedazzle us for the holidays. Obviously we need to have enough time to scope out our potential Black Friday buys, so some leaked information on what new stuff will be out by then is crucial to our shopping preparation.

So here we find Verizon’s holiday roadmap. Here’s what we’ve learned from other sources so far: The HTC Hero is coming in November, The Motorola Tao is coming late October/early November, and we just learned of the Samsung Moment officially today. We also know of the Razzle, Barrage, and Chocolate Touch.

Okay, we also know the Curve 2 and Storm 2 are on the way. Same with the Omnia 2. So what in the world is so groundbreaking about this roadmap?

The difference is that this document shows us the deadlines of each phone and when to expect them by.


For example, Verizon is embracing Android by releasing the Hero and Tao before Black Friday. The Imagio? Already out for B2B, stores should be selling them Oct 20.

Check out the pic for other goodies. Do tell, what are you most interested in?

courtesy Gizmodo

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Name

    Imagio is on the verizon website now

  • Chris

    Um the Tao or Droid

  • Chris

    Um the Tao or Droid