Fee of the Week: Bell Introduces No-Contract Fees

Anytime we hear about a new fee being introduced to the cell phone consumer, we cringe. Especially recently, considering fees such as T-Mobile’s month-long quest to add a fee for paper billing. Ready for another fee that will make you cringe?

The responsible party this time is Bell Mobility, which just recently introduced a $5 monthly fee to any customer that is using Bell service but is no longer on a contract. The only way to get rid of the fee is to set up a new contract (ranging from 12-36 months).

Please, please, PLEASE tell us that no other company will be inspired by this particular piece of fantastic fee-dom. And Bell was on such a roll, with its super-fast HSPA+ rollout next month to go along with selling iPhones.


We’ll keep an eye on this and update you if we find out more information. At least T-Mobile changed its mind about the paper bill fee; will Bell follow suit?

And is this the best decision for a company that will be brand new to the HSPA competition?

via The Mobile Ninjas

Author: Brad Molen

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