HTC HD2 Could Land in US Via T-Mobile

The HTC HD2 has an incredible amount of buzz to go along with it, and for good reason. I’m drooling just from seeing pics and spec sheets — and that’s saying a LOT considering it’s a Windows Mobile phone.

It’s great to know that it’s supposedly launching sometime very soon, but I’m even giddier after hearing today’s rumors that T-Mobile USA may very easily pick the HD2 up at some point.

Where did this rumor come from? Feast your eyes upon the image below. It appears to be some type of marketing piece for the HD2; whether it’s meant to be adding to the hype or if it’s just a grandeurized price card remains to be seen, but it still looks darn near official.


Granted, it doesn’t list the HD2 by name. But it really doesn’t have to. Just by looking at the included phone image and specs makes me (and virtually everyone else around the internet today) fairly certain that’s the mystery device.

Here’s what the sheet says:

“Mobile Entertainment Like You’ve Never Seen (engaged with) Before

How we bring this to life:

  • TV/Movies at your fingertips
  • Fantastic web browsing experience
  • E-reader content

Product Features that Support this Value Prop:

  • 4.3″ high resolution
  • Capacitive, multi-touch screen
  • Snapdragon processor”

So as you can tell, it is sounding eerily like the HTC HD2. But hey, only time will tell.

via TmoNews

Author: Brad Molen

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