Nokia N900 review, pt2. First impressions. 6 things I hate about N900

Let’s continue with my first impressions about Nokia N900 Maemo 5 handset.

Check out the first part of Nokia N900 review, for the things I liked most about it. And, to tell the truth, they are just the start of the things I really like about this handset.

But before I go on, and continue to sing praises to Nokia N900, there are some things that I just have to get off my chest.

These are annoyances I encountered using Nokia N900.

I know that Nokia N900/Maemo is a work in progress, not expected to reach it’s full potential until Maemo 6 comes out next year, and that the device I have uses a pre-release firmware. I am taking this into account.

Also, before I begin, I want to say the the number of bugs and missing features that I encountered so far, were few and far between.

But they still were there, and are worth talking about.

(Initially, this post was called “8 things I hate about Nokia N900”. But two of them turned out to be a non-issues, so they are only the things I used to hate for the first two days. And don’t pay much attention to this “hate” thing. It is purely an attention grabber 😉 I am only annoyed, irritated or disappointed by most of them, and none are a deal breaker that will make me like my N900 less.)

Anyway, here we go.

6 things I hate about Nokia N900. Listed in no particular order.

1. Almost exclusively landscape orientation. Lack of portrait mode. This one’s a biggie. When Maemo devices were only internet tablets, exclusively landscape orientation made sense. But N900 is not only the tablet anymore. Yes, it is mobile computer, and a great internet browsing device.

But N900 is also a thing, that is meant to be used as a smartphone. And, in a lot of cases, smartphones are meant to be used with a single hand.  Which, if not impossible, is extremely hard to do in a landscape orientation.

Thank god Nokia made  dialer app work in portrait mode. This way I can, at least,  make calls holding the phone in one hand.  But the portrait mode, for now, is exclusively for the phone calls – dialing the number on keypad, or selecting a contact to call.

Nokia N900 dialler photo

It does not even extended to SMS. For even the shortest message I have to switch back to landscape mode.

Some applications and interaction modes work also best in a portrait mode, which is impossible to do for now.

Fortunately, the absence of landscape mode is not some strange design decision on Nokia’s part. They simply did not have enough time to include that before the device launch.

Nokia knows the problem, is working on it, and will provide fix in time. In fact, during Maemo Summit last week in Amsterdam, head of Nokia Maemo group promised portrait mode support in N900 browser by the end of the year, with pervasive portrait support throughout the device later.

2. Password entry while browsing. It’s a small thing, but pretty annoying.

Usually, on a mobile device, when you press a key entering hidden symbols for a password field, the actual symbol pops up for a short while, and then is replaced with a star.

This does not happen with N900 browser. When I use physical keyboard to type in a password on some site , all I can see in the entry field – are the stars. It does not show what symbol I entered, even for a short while. Then, when the password does not work, I am left guessing whether I forgot it, or just made a typo on those tiny keys. Trying to figure out which one it is, by entering password again and again, is no fun, and can leave me banned from some sites for hours.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 2

Fortunately, there is a sort of workaround for this problem. Close the device, and use virtual keyboard instead. When you encounter password, or any other data entry field, tap on it. Virtual keypad with a separate data entry field pops-up, and works as it is supposed to work on any full touch mobile device.

But I still would like to have similar functionality when using physical keyboard as well. Including pop-up data entry field for forms. Those forms are mighty small on such a small display. And all that zooming in and out when filling in the forms can be a real pain in the behind.

3. Small icons with big “Close” fields in ‘Desktop setup” mode. I don’t know if there is any easy way around it, but moving shortcut icons, when setting up desktop panels, is real pain.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 3

Maybe it’s just my big fingers, but the icon size  to “close” button size ratio is really small. Which results in me accidentally removing the icon, instead of moving it to some place else, more often then not.

4. Not enough desktop panels, or space on them. I am already starting to run out of the space for widgets,  shortcuts and bookmarks on the 4 desktop panels I have available to me. Even with an extremely limited amount of widgets and apps available for Nokia N900 for now.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 4

I dread to think what I will do when app and widget development for Maemo 5 takes off.

So please, Nokia, in some future firmware upgrade, give us the possibility to have more desktop panels. Or at least make some of them scrollable.

5. Maps and Navigation. When I travel to some place, Maps&Navigation apps become a key for the mobile device I carry. Right now, I’m planning my trip to SEE 2009 in London, and want to take the N900 as a main mobile device for a ride. However, available maps and navigation options, make me think hard about that.

I am used to using Google maps and Ovi Maps 3.0 on my trips. For some things Google maps are better, for others OVI maps shine. Neither of which are available on Nokia N900 yet.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 5

What I am left with right now – are  Ovi Maps 1.00. Which are kind of OK for many things on the go. But when you are used to much better OVI Maps 3, and the latest in Google maps, this “kind of OK” thing sucks. And it is a significant step down from the mapping/navigation experience, I got used to on my 3 year old Nokia N95.

No PC/cloud Ovi syncing, no easy way (that I found) to download maps in advance, no street view, inferior search, etc; Duh.

Please, Nokia, Google, port your latest mapping apps to Maemo 5/N900 as soon as you can. I really need them.

6. Which brings us the problem of general lack of apps for the device.

Yes I know, I know. This is just a pre-release version, and in a week or few,quite a few more Maemo apps will become available through OVI store, Maemo Select and Extras.

I also know, that adding testing catalogue to N900, gets you quite a few additional cool beta apps right now.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 6

And then, with the QT 4.6 integration, many more apps are on the way in the following months. Whether ported from Symbian and other platforms, or developed exclusively for Maemo.

It’s just me, being impatient,   ranting and venting. Still, could we have all the cool apps I played with on Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone, running on Maemo. Tomorrow, please!

Things I hated about Nokia N900 for the first two days. But found a solution

And then there are a couple of things I fumed about for the first two days, and have already made them a part of this post. They are somewhat related – issues with locking and unlocking of Nokia N900. But it turns out it was mainly my bad, with the solution right in front of my nose.

Still, I hate to waste all of that text and ranting passion, and some of you may be having the same problems. So I’ll keep the already resolved complaints here, and then tell you why they are not the problem anymore.

Device unlock screen with no info at all. This one’s a rather smallish thing, that, I think,  can be easily fixed. But it’s extremely annoying to me.

Since setting up Nokia N900 as a mobile computer, security was one of the key things I was worried about. With passwords to my all e-mail accounts, sites like Google Adsense, this blog, Facebook account, etc; stored on the device, and only a click away, I was extremely conscious what can happen if my Nokia N900 gets stolen by a person who knows what to do about it.

Fortunately, Nokia N900 provides a possibility to lock the handset after certain amount of time. And it works pretty well.

Except for one thing. When you want to check what’s happening on N900 after it’s locked, all you get is the screen with a keypad to enter the unlock code.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 7

Now, I haven’t been wearing a wristwatch for more then 10 years now. I always use my mobile for that. You know the drill. Want to know what time is it? Take out the phone. Press a key or two. Done.

Except that now I have to use unlock switch, and then enter the full unlock code, every time I want to check time! Oh, and that  portrait/landscape thing I talked earlier about? Yes, the unlock keypad is available only in landscape mode. So I have to use both of my hands for the whole thing.

Status/message notifications on the device  unlock screen, showing how many calls I missed, e-mails and messages received, would be nice, too. But please, please, please put at least the friggin clock on the unlock display ASAP!!

Unlock key on the right/side bottom of N900. And whose bright idea was that?  When in landscape mode, and holding the device with two hands, it works OK. But in portrait mode, and when I hold N900 in the palm of my hand, the unlock switch is at the bottom of the handset. Do you know how easy it is to get to that switch, at the bottom, when you hold the device in the same hand? Just try it

Solution.Well, it turns out I was raving and ranting about these unlocking things in vain. Nokia N900 already has resolved these issues very elegantly. Instead of using  “Screen lock/unlock” key or sliding keyboard to activate a touchscreen, use “Power On/Off” key instead.

When you press the power key, display backlights, and a screen with time, date and a very iPhonish slider appears. Swipe the slider and the screen unlocks.

Nokia N900 review FI P2 8

I would still like to see missed calls, message info on this screen, but my main itch –no easily accessible clock – has been scratched away.

There you have it. These are all my gripes after playing with Nokia N900 quite intensively, for the last 3 days.

I guess I could talk about one other thing – lack of MMS support on Nokia N900. Which is true. For now, Nokia N900 does not support MMS messaging. But I haven’t sent a single MMS message in my life. So I simply don’t care about this.

Overall, for a device with pre-release firmware, and an OS that is one  generation away from completion, there are amazingly few bugs and things that piss me off on Nokia N900. Whatever I try on it, you are much more likely to hear shouts like  ‘Wow!”, “Holy crap, that’s cool!” from me, instead of “F*&k”, “What a piece of crap!”, “Bollocks!” that I got used to, testing many other Nokia and non Nokia devices.

And now, off to singing praises again and more  N900 testing. Expect the next review installment of the review early next week.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • rpcutts

    I can see why they didn't commit to full portrait support but it will turn some people away from the phone.

    I was thinking the browser is the thing that doesn't need it but maybe it will be good for phone optimised sites.

    I believe any app can implement a portrait mode if the devs want too so the ability is their for 3rd party apps. The big one is the conversations app. It needs a portrait mode to send SMS & other messages, even if it shows a t9 keyboard.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Matt Lenski

    You mentioned the touchscreen being very good, how does it compare to the iphone's touchscreen? Would you say just as good?

    After using it for a few days would you say 8+ hours battery life from heavy usage?

  • Staska

    Yes, I think it is just as good

  • Name

    3. Small icons with big “Close”-issue. Stylys does not work or you prefer fingers ?

  • Staska

    Stylus would work, but I prefer fingers. Actually haven't used stylus even
    once yet. Even though I knew that it was there, totally forgot about it.

  • Matt Lenski

    Ah so you would say that a user could get by using all the features without having to use the stylus?

  • Staska

    Yes. I certainly do get around without using stylus at all.

  • Matt Lenski

    I read your 6 things you like article, I was wondering when you said 8 hours of heavy use did you literally have multiple programs running with video, animations, games, wifi etc. running for a full 8 hours continuously? Ie. That would be untypical usage correct?

    Thinking about going back to Nokia with the N900 after being a bit disappointed with the N95 battery life a few years ago.

  • Staska

    No, it was a rather natural, if heavy use.

    About 1 hour of movie playback, 2 hrs of music playback, almost full time
    Wi-Fi connection (although the N900 probably did some power saving stuff,
    when no data was being transferred, but I did not notice). And about 3 hrs
    of normal web browsing – checking out various sites, downloading apps and
    other stuff, watching some streaming video, etc;

  • Matt Lenski

    Hmm ok will wait to see what the reviews say about the final firmware. So far it seems like a winner for those that want that convergence. It's nice having a full blown pc in your pocket especially for web browsing.

  • John in Norway

    Hundreds of people have been given these to play with but nobody seems to be talking about the important things. 🙂 Is there going to be full Office support – editing and creating of documents/spreadhseets? Is there a note taking app – inking and texting? Is there a voice recorder?

    Thanks in advance.

  • MT

    Hello all, I am anxiously waiting for the Nokia N900 and after looking at product pages over and over for the past week I decided to compile all the information into a single page called the N900 Tracker.

    Visit my site where you will find up to date info about release dates and pricing from various different sites in the US, UK, Germany and France.

    If you have any other sites that you would like me to track or if any of the information is wrong, please send me a message at

    Hope this helps calm your nerves a little and if no you can always complain here.


  • bandora

    By the way there is a way to fix the issue… Since it's a resistive touch screen use your nails.. really, I am sure it will work pretty well.. 😀

  • N900 beta tester

    You can have more widgets but why do you have so many? I only have music player and calender.

    also, you are over reacting, I think that the SMS will be just like phone calls soon

  • Staska

    Regarding the widgets on a desktop, I don't really have that many. That was
    just for an illustration.

    But soon, as new apps and widgets become available, I may actually want to
    have as many or more.Right now I have music player, data monitor and RSS.
    And there already is no place for calendar, twitter and facebook…

    Regarding SMS, probably, and I said as much in the post: Nokia is working to
    add more portrait orientatin to the system, and I expect this will become
    available within a few months

  • rpcutts

    I guess it's because different things are important to different people.
    I couldn't care less about any of the things you just mentioned.

    I believe there is already a sybian notes app ported, not sure how good it is. I'm sure there will be an improved Evernote app too. Anything simple like that and voice recording I think you can bank on someone making an app.

    Editing office documents, not sure. I wouldn't be suprised to see a port of AbiWord and maybe Gnumeric. If you want to be able to edit .docx then that might be dodgy ground.

  • Staska

    Full office support, not yet, but there will be something eventually. But it might take a while ( a year or so). And when Microsoft Office for Symbian comes out (via deal with Nokia), it will be QT based, so it wil work both on Symbian and Maemo devices. Right now, all we have is office viewer.

    Yes, there is pre-installed note taking app, text only, no drawing. And also third party app Conboy, texting only too. There's a sketch app, where you can draw, but nothing more.

    Voice recording. Not yet. But I expect that to show up pretty quick.

  • jamz

    Are you able to minimize or maximise the internet screen just like in iphone? 2 fingers as opposed to tapping + buttons?

  • Staska

    Sort of.

    It just takes one finger and clockwise or counterclockwise movement on

    Not as intuitive, but actually better, for a single hand operation. Once you
    get a hang of it after a few hrs.

  • JayBomb999

    Mauku, facebook, RSS and AP news widgets can't be scrolled vertically? Really? That… really sucks.

    I wonder why?

  • Staska

    Because nothing scrolls on that desktop. It has as much, or little, space as
    it has. And that's it. It's not scrollable

  • controlkaos

    How good is the actual call quality and loudspeaker function as compared to the N95?

  • J A

    1. Who cares, landscape mode is awesome, you're only going to use portrait when making calls–it doesn't really hurt to have landscape mode.

    2. Well unless you're going to tv out your phone all the time for the whole world to see your passwords, or show your phone to people while you're entering your password, this is a fairly idiotic statement and clearly shows your intelligence.

    3. This also relates to number 4–how can you say the icons are too small ( and yes I have played with the phone in person, so I know exactly the size ) then in number 4 state their's not enough space on the desktop panels…a little hypocritical. Then you also say not enough desktop panels…well no other phone at this point in time really has what the N900, so be grateful for what it has.

    4. Read number 3.

    5. This was made clear from the beginning and announced that it would come in a later fw update along with turn by turn navigation.

    6. LMFAO…are you kidding me? Three words for you 'Not Released Yet', their are already some apps but just like the iPhone, when it was released it takes time for apps to be put together for such a new and revolutionary device. It sounds like you gave Nokia a bad rap…I don't know maybe because they didn't pay you off or take on the product review golf trip??? You obviously haven't been following this device since day one, or the announcements, or anything else for that matter.

    Please take you idiopathic, self-indulging, hypocritical, ignorant, mind set and go review something that you actually care about… because when it comes to a device like this where there is a strong following we will be their to correct a moronic review that is totally without merit and baseless.

  • shane_kiwi

    Does google docs work well with this? E.g. Spreadsheet / word? They are all I use any more and having them on the move anywhere would be awesome!

    Also does google calendar display ok?

  • J A

    Allot better– no fading in or out, and the volume and signal is always a strong constant ( in coverage areas ofc ) high. All in all, it's probably one of the best or should I say strongest all quality phones Nokia has ever made.

  • Staska

    Probably the same. It works, and is loud enough for me.

  • Staska

    Didn't try google docs yet. But from other experiences I'd say they will probably work, but noty well.
    Just as google calendar does. It works and shows up as it will show up on your regular desktop browser. So you can use it, but on such a small screen it really is not an optimal thing to do.

    You really have to have mobile optimized version of these things, for them to work well

  • Staska


  • Staska

    1. Yes, I agree, landscape mode is awesome, and it doesn't really hurt to have it. In fact it's great to have it. But a lot of people care and need portrait mode too. And not only for making calls. Apparently Ari Jaksi, head of Maemo devices at Nokia, agrees. He himself mentioned lack of portrait mode as one of the shortcomings of N900, said they are working to bringing portrait mode to it, and will have it for N900 browser before Christmas.
    And, portrait mode is already enabled for the application development, and some apps, e.g. Conboy, already have it.

    2. No. It is not. Every full html capable mobile device browser I tried, works like this. As you are entering a password, the actual symbol shows up for a second, and then is replaced by a star. And what's TV out has to do with all this? The way mobile devices with small screens are used, in your hand, near your face, entering tiny symbols, there is no real danger for someone overseeing it, if you are diligent.
    And, again, Nokia seems to agree. This is exactly how Nokia N900 works, in a virtual keyboard mode. And, I am sure, that this bug will be fixed for physical keyboard too. And it is a bug, not a feature.

    3. I am a consumer, not a developer or engineer. So sometimes, I may not know what I want and be hypocritical. So what? The customer is always right, isn't he?
    I did not say that the icons are too small. What I said, was that the icons are too small, compared to the size of the “close” button on them, in a “desktop set-up” mode. They are, and not only for me. And there is a way to do it better, because other OSes already did it.
    And there are great many things in N900 that “no other phone at this point in time really has”. I am very happy about that. And I say as much in part 1, and even this part 2 of first impressions (you probably would have noticed that, if you bothered to read the whole article, instead of jumping to conclusions and fuming, after reading only the first sentences of the paragraphs).

    5. Yes, I know. And I am sure the mapping experience will improve with time, and, hopefully pretty soon. As will many other things on Nokia N900. That does not change the fact that I am unhappy about the mapping/navigation experience right now. It is noticeably worse, even from what I was used to on my old Nokia N95.

    6. A nice product review golf trip? Anyone at Nokia reads this? What a great idea! Now you know what it will take for me to start singing praises about N900. I am looking forward for the invitation, and first class tickets… Oh, wait..

    Blye me! I already seem to sing praises in almost every post I write about Nokia N900. Again, if you bothered to read even this post, does a concluding paragraph that says:

    “Overall, for a device with pre-release firmware, and an OS that is one generation away from completion, there are amazingly few bugs and things that piss me off on Nokia N900. Whatever I try on it, you are much more likely to hear shouts like ‘Wow!”, “Holy crap, that’s cool!” from me, instead of “F*&k”, “What a piece of crap!”, “Bollocks!” that I got used to, testing many other Nokia and non Nokia devices.”

    sounds like a bad rap?

    And then there is the first part of review:…,
    and this post:…, in the beginning of September…

    Damn. There goes my first class product review trip. I guess, I am too cheap. They paid me off with a free trip to Nokia World. And I had to fly Economy and stay at a mediocre hotel!!!

    As for the “Not released yet/how iPhone started/it takes time” things. Again. If you bothered to read anything beyond the first paragraph, you would have noticed that I say almost exactly the same thing. And that the whole point 6 about the lack of apps, is just me “being impatient, ranting and venting”.

    Well, it's my site, my article and whenever I feel like ranting, I rant. As long as I can keep it to what I think is objective.

    “Please take you idiopathic, self-indulging, hypocritical, ignorant, mind set…”? As opposed to narrow, cultish, insecure mindset of a fanboy? Who, after the years of being spurned by the mainstream, is so wrapped up in a ghetto groupthink of “them's against us”, he can not even see that his beloved “ugly duckling” of an OS, has already become a swan, which now will be accepted and loved by the market on it's own merits. And who, unfortunately, is so blind, that, even at the slightest hint of criticism about his baby, feels so threatened, that he loses an ability to read, reason and automatically reverts to insults, trying to denigrate and scare the opponents of.

    (This last paragraph was just to show that I can trade insults too. And though it's fun, from now on, let's try to keep the conversation civil and focused on arguments and not insults. )

    And, actually, I do care about Nokia N900 very much. As I said, after this one post about the things that annoyed me, I will continue the posts about the things I really liked about N900.

    And I also read the thread on talk.maemo, where, I actually noticed that there were quite a few people, who agreed with a lot of points I made 🙂

  • JayBomb999

    You sir, are an asshole.

    That was one of the most ridiculous, childish, over-reactions to a legitimate review I've seen in a long time.

    Calm down and get a life.

  • J A

    The truth hurts… you sir have a good day!

  • nouncat

    I actually saw in a video review that you can use the volume key to zoom or un-zoom while browsing online. And I think the “double-tap” works as well. So it would be 3 different ways to zoom on the browser. Can you confirm that?

  • nouncat

    I'm curious about the resistive screen.
    That's what I've been using with my LG Viewty for 2 years now.
    And it definitely needs a screen protector (which, first: if not applied correctly gets bubbles everywhere, and second: get scratched quickly and easily).
    That's why I love the capacitive screen of my I-Pod touch : never used a screen protector and after two years the screen is the same.

    So my question is: does the N900 needs a screen protector or is it scratch resistant?


  • Matt Lenski

    Noticed you are a former N95 owner as well. I am seriously thinking about doing the whole preorder thing on Amazon to get that discount, does it feel any less bulky than the N95?

    I assume the camera in the N900 is pretty much the same as what is in the N95 correct?

  • Daniel

    J A, It sounds like you're one of those people who are so emotionally invested in their choice of product that they desperately defend it any and every negative comment, despite the validity of the claims. This is seen all over the place with Apple products. Nothing is perfect, let's accept that and move on to more important details.

    Staska, thanks for the review. I read it intently, because it's just as (if not more) important to know a product's faults than its features.

    I made the mistake of focusing on the good press and ignoring the bad with my last phone – the HTC Touch Diamond, which was a nice phone in a lot of ways, but had so many niggling annoyances (most of which had already been documented on the web) that after less than 6 months I'm prepared to buy a new phone.

    And it looks like that phone is going to be the n900, especially after reading this blog post. If that's the worst this phone has to offer, count me in.

  • PiersR

    Agree with your comment about the unlock screen. With all the info you mentioned, how about some basic owner information. i work in a field where others answer the phone for you at times, or you might leave it behind. Having at least your name on that front screen would help.

    But if you use the on/off switch and get to that screen, can you still have it password locked? So that when someone, yourself or another, slides that pretty slider to unlock it, does the password keyboard pop-up?

    Great review.

  • Matt Lenski

    I had an N95 and currently use an E71. I was wondering about two applications I use frequently.
    1) Joikuspot for Wifi tethering. Anything like this available on the device or in development?

    2) Symsmb – Network Folder Shares – Is network file sharing (windows) natively supported in Maemo, or will we have to wait for an app?

  • skypefan

    Does it have it Push to Skype?Can you receive Skype calls at anytime?

  • gadgety

    Excellent reviews and straight answers to key questions posed by your readers. Thank you!

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  • Iphone VS N900

    Hi everybody,
    Let me tell you my experience base on true story. I wanna know which mobile phone is the best either Iphone or N900. I drop both phone in the pool (5ft depth). You know what !!! N900 win. Cuz N900 can get a call in 5ft depth water. Can’t you believe it!!! Water proof, you can enjoy talking in the water. Nice Tried.

  • koko631080

    Please, can you tell me how much is the Nokia N900 ? And do you have a transport to Bulgaria? Please, write me on this mail: , thanks alot and have a nice day 🙂

  • koko631080

    Hi, can you tell me how much is Nokia N900, and do you have a transport to Bulgaria? Please write me in this mail: Thanks alot, and have a nice day. 🙂

  • koko631080

    Please, can you tell me how much is the Nokia N900 ? And do you have a transport to Bulgaria? Please, write me on this mail: , thanks alot and have a nice day 🙂

  • koko631080

    Hi, can you tell me how much is Nokia N900, and do you have a transport to Bulgaria? Please write me in this mail: Thanks alot, and have a nice day. 🙂