AT&T to Launch Bolds in White and Non-Camera; America Yawns

I guess you can call us confused on the timing of everything. AT&T has announced that the Blackberry Bold 9000 will be unleashed in two new styles within the next few days, and most of the US is likely wondering why, on the heels of a rumored Bold 2 launch sometime in the near future.

AT&T will be launching the Bold in a camera-less version as of today, as it was announced on the company’s official Twitter account. The second style will be the regular Bold with camera in white, available on October 18.

Both styles will be the same price as the black Bold. But I have a feeling not as many people will be so eager to lay down $200 for these, knowing the Bold 2 will be coming out sometime soon.


Don’t get me wrong, the camera-less version is definitely a must-have; there are countless businesses out there that need Blackberry devices and are so secure their employees can’t have camera phones; but why did it take over 11 months to bring it to market? Why not wait for the 9700 and launch a camera-less version alongside it?

Like I said, call me confused.

via Crackberry and Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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