France Senate Considering Mobile Ban for Students

Recently we have seen several moves from governments to limit the use of mobile phones in order to ensure greater safety. Driving, in particular, seems to be getting the brunt of the bans.

Sure, it may be an obvious statement to say that mobile phones tend to have an adverse affect on the study habits and listening skills of students everywhere, but it has taken way too long for any government to get involved in limiting its use during school. But that’s changing now.

The French Senate is currently mulling over a bill that, if signed, would prohibit any type of phone use (ie. calling and messaging, among other things) in the middle of class. This certainly would limit the number of distractions students may experience.


Also under consideration is if this ban would include phone use during breaks between classes as well as lunch, or if it would be limited just during the classes itself.

Either way, this will be a landmark achievement and likely will be setting a precedent for other nations to do the same.

via MobileBulgaria

Author: Brad Molen

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