Nokia CWM has slightly over 100K users after one year

Launched by Nokia in October 2008, the Comes With Music service doesn’t seem to have the success Nokia has hoped for.

According to MusicAlley, in July this year CWM had a total of 107,227 users in the nine markets were it’s available – that’s not exactly a great number, since Nokia has surely invested a lot in Comes With Music.

Moreover, if we look at the 6 million user base that Spotify had after one year, Nokia’s results are actually shameful (sure, the services are not exactly the same, although Spotify is coming to mobile phones soon).

Here are the July numbers for each of the nine mentioned markets, along with the date Comes With Music was launched there:

  • UK – 32,728 users (October 2008)
  • Singapore – 19,318 users (February 2009)
  • Australia – 23,003 users (March 2009)
  • Brazil – 10,809 users (April 2009)
  • Sweden – 1,101 users (April 2009)
  • Italy – 691 users (April 2009)
  • Mexico – 16,344 users (May 2009)
  • Germany – 2,673 users (May 2009)
  • Switzerland – 560 users (June 2009)

Nokia Comes With Music user data

Surprisingly low is the CWM user base in Italy, a country where virtually everyone has a cell phone.

Well, maybe Nokia will have better luck in India, the world’s second largest mobile market, where Comes With Music should be released by the end of 2009.

Via MoCoNews

Author: Ilinca Nita

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