Verizon Prepping Palm Pre for Early 2010

It’s such a rare opportunity to hear Verizon actually fess up to various rumors, and we just got one today out of the blue, on Twitter no less.

VZWOffers apparently needs more followers, and found a great way to get exposure by announcing Verizon will be selling the Palm Pre early next year.

Talk about an official announcement. An off-the-cuff comment about it on a VZW-sponsored Twitter account is not necessarily the most official. But it’s there, in print, so that should count for something.

This is great news for gadget fans who love Verizon’s network. For a long time Verizon has been infamous for having a lackluster lineup of premier phones, and in a matter of months the biggest US carrier will have the Storm 2, Palm Pre, Moto Droid, and who knows what else. Not bad.


It’s just nice to have the rumor confirmed, that’s all.

Author: Brad Molen

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