AT&T HTC Hero Coming Early 2010?

Sometimes the rumor mill works its hardest at night, when the world is sleeping. Next up on our ever-growing Wall of Speculation is AT&T, which apparently is planning on bringing the HTC Hero into its fold early next year.

Will this be AT&T’s first Android phone? There has been much chatter around the internet for months about whether or not AT&T would eventually become the fourth of four major carriers to release a Android device, since it was originally thought that Android was getting shunned due to fears of iPhone sales being cannibalized.We had also been told a few Motorola Android phones had been rejected due to being “out of date”.


That the Hero would be carried on AT&T has been rumored for a while, ever since the device passed through the FCC with AT&T 3G frequencies included. Sometimes this matters and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least this particular rumor meshes with the FCC ruling.

PhoneArena provided us with this particular rumor, given to us from a tipster whose friend works for AT&T building firmware for upcoming devices. The friend decided to let that particular small nugget of info out into the wild, but not much else was included in that thought, besides the fact that it will likely be ready sometime early 2010.

Here’s to true rumors, hopefully!

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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