Nokia 2220 Slide in new photos, should be released this quarter

Although it’s not officially announced, the Nokia 2220 Slide has appeared once again, this time in live photos.

As its name suggests, the 2220 Slide (or 2220s) is a new Nokia slider phone. Most of its features are on the entry-level side, which means that its retail price will be quite low, possibly around $100.

The Nokia 2220 Slide is based on S40 and comes with dual band GSM connectivity (900/1800 MHz), a 128 x 160 TFT display, 3.5mm headset jack, FM radio, Opera Mini, VGA photo camera and 10MB of internal memory. Its battery can provide up to 8 hours of talk time, or up to 400 hours of stand-by time.

Nokia 2220 slide Q4 2009

Nokia 2220 slide Q4 2009 2

Nokia 2220 slide Q4 2009 3

Nokia 2220 slide Q4 2009 4

Nokia should launch the 2220 Slide before the year’s end and customers in emerging markets will probably be very interested in checking it out.

Via Daily Mobile

Author: Ilinca Nita

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