Unlocked Android Google phone in the works?

When you say “Google phone” you’re instantly thinking about an Android handset that’s launched under brands like T-Mobile, HTC, Samsung and so on. And while some of these handsets also have Google’s branding on them, they’re not Google-only phones.

Probably that’s why Google wants to have an Android phone of its own.

The Street quotes Ashok Kumar, analyst at Northeast Securities, who has apparently talked with some of Google’s design partners and says that the Mountain View-based company is currently collaborating with a handset maker, readying what should be the first Google-branded smartphone.

The Google handset may be released this year – not via telecom operators, but through retailers, so it will probably be sold unlocked.

Ashok Kumar also says that the Google Android phone will use a Qualcomm chip, so it might be manufactured by HTC, which already has 4 Android handsets on the market, all using Qualcomm platforms.

Google Android phone

It’s said that Google also prepares a “Chrome netbook” that will be produced by Quanta and powered by a Snapdragon CPU.

Of course, nothing’s officially confirmed at the moment, but Google certainly has what it takes to launch its own phone and to distribute it all over the world.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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