Verizon LTE iPhone Rumored To Be in Testing Phase?

Ready for another Apple rumor? It’s easy to imagine that Apple has more rumors floating around about its R&D projects than any other company on the planet. As I post this, there are rumors floating around about an iTablet, new iMacs, Mac Mini, iPhone Nano, a new FM iPhone app, not to mention countless patents that get filed on Apple’s behalf weekly. Apple’s got a lot of good things going.

It’s time to officially throw another rumor into the mill. This one comes from Mashable, which reports that Apple is currently undergoing tests on a Verizon iPhone equipped with LTE 4G capabilities.

LTE is the next generation cellular service after the current 3G standard, which is supposed to significantly increase the speed of the data service and increase the capacity of the current networks.  Three of the four major networks in the US are planning on deploying this service in the upcoming years.

There is some confusion as to where this rumor came from, or if it’s entirely speculation. But hey, if something gets rumored enough, that must mean it’s going to come true. If we click our heels three times and tell ourselves the iTablet is true, it will actually come out tomorrow.

No? It doesn’t work like that? Darn.


The speculation stems from Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam making regular trips to Mountain View to supervise the company’s collaboration with Google in creating the Droid, its premier Android device. Since Apple is headquartered just a few miles away, it would make sense for Lowell to pay Steve a visit. Add to that the fact that Verizon has confirmed LTE will be launched in 2010.

Personally I would not be surprised if a 4G Verizon iPhone is really being tested within the walls of the top secret labs in Cupertino, but that doesn’t mean it will actually happen — much less does it guarantee we’ll see AT&T exclusivity end and welcome a Verizon iPhone this upcoming summer.

I’m quite certain, rather, that there is a LOT of testing for a multitude of rumored products going on underneath little black blankets in front of several surveillance cameras. It doesn’t mean they’ll actually come to market though. It would be silly to imagine Apple doesn’t test the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for the next latest and greatest trend that comes our way.

With that said, it certainly would be quite exciting to see a 4G iPhone come out as early as next summer. If one does come out on Verizon, we do have to express our confusion on why exactly the number one carrier in the US is completely trashing the product to hype up the Moto DROID. They may have to eat their words in the very near future.

But hey, with the introduction of such an iPhone to the Big Red network, there would be no stopping Verizon. We’d be seeing a huge transition from having the weakest smartphone lineup to having the absolute strongest — in a matter of months. At that point we’ll see top of the line Android phones, Palm Pre, several WinMo 6.5 phones and the newest revolution of the iPhone all available on Verizon.

More questions to ponder: if Verizon picks up the iPhone (thus bringing an end to exclusivity at AT&T), will AT&T still be selling the newest iterations of the iPhone as they come out? Will AT&T be able to compete against a 4G LTE iPhone without having a LTE network of its own yet? Or will AT&T try to rush things and deploy 4G in the nick of time?

There is so much speculation to be had at the moment, it’s exciting to be a part of it. Just remember though — that’s all it is. Speculation.

via Mashable

Author: Brad Molen

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  • donna23

    > Personally I would not be surprised if a 4G Verizon iPhone is really …

    After Verizon is running a huge ad compaign shooting down the existing iPhone????
    Do you really think Apple will *EVER* have anything to do with Verizon again?

    It's over.

  • boogiebook

    It's true !! November or Jan this be here . Thank me later ! :)

  • bradmolen

    Originally I thought the same thing, that this negative ad campaign would damage any future relationship the two companies would have. But look at any other type of competition out there, and you'll see that time and money heal all wounds.

    Politics is the biggest example; candidates will trash each other incessantly in the primary elections, only to partner up later in the campaign to defeat a common enemy.

    For instance, AT&T is currently getting all up in Google's business about net neutrality, yet AT&T is still heavily rumored to be bringing a Android phone to market in the very near future. How can this be? It's all about the almighty dollar.

    Right now it's in Verizon's best interest to promote their new products by trashing the competition. Is Apple really going to take it personally? I doubt it. It's business.

    The iPhone is the behemoth of consumer electronics, and every competition out there is looking for ways to shoot it down off the pedestal it currently is perched on.

  • Diamond

    Bottom line is $$$$. The i-phone will be sold over all carriers because profits will increase over 40-50%. Apple was stupid for making it exclusive to one carrier.

  • Cleindian44

    No, Verizon was stupid for passing on the iPhone as they were offered the device first. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

  • Cleindian44

    No, Verizon was stupid for passing on the iPhone as they were offered the device first. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.