ARM Cortex A5 multicore CPU announced

ARM, the Cambridge-based British manufacturer, has announced the availability of its new Cortex-A5 MPCore processor, presented as “the smallest, lowest power ARM multicore processor capable of delivering the Internet to the widest possible range of devices.”

Said devices include smartphones, feature phones, low-cost phones, and even industrial devices.

ARM mentions that the Cortex-A5 can offer almost twice the power-efficiency relative to its earlier ARM926EJ-S and ARM1176JZ-S processor licensees. This should not only increase the quality of the user experience, but also reduce the size and costs of end-user devices.

The new Cortex-A5 processor is application compatible with the older Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 processors, and it includes a NEON multimedia processing engine, as well as TrustZone security technology.

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“The Cortex-A5 processor signals a significant acceleration in the future of internet connectivity. Internet accessibility has long been a critical social opportunity and with the launch of the Cortex-A5 processor we are providing the pervasive internet with unprecedented power-efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The Cortex-A5 processor scales from ultra low cost handsets and lifestyle internet devices all the way to consumer, embedded, and industrial devices – anything that can be connected to the internet. We are truly delivering the internet everywhere,” declared Eric Schorn, vice president of marketing, Processor Division, ARM.

According to ARM, the Cortex-A5 CPU will be “delivered” this quarter.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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