Motorola Devour Arrives at the Party, Puts on Nametag

Introducing Motorola’s newest device for us to (hopefully) drool over: the Motorola Devour.

Sadly, we don’t actually know for sure if we will be drooling over the Devour, because we only know its name.

Taking no time whatsoever to wait for the Moto CLIQ and Droid to potentially rake in the big sales, Moto has now passed an unknown device codenamed Devour through the WiFi Alliance.

Isn’t it interesting to see how Motorola is all of a sudden snapping back into life? After years of mediocre offerings, many thought Motorola was taking its last few breaths of life. We now see the sinking phone manufacturer getting revived in a hurry.

So any Captain Observant will realize the Devour will at least have WiFi capability, but that really doesn’t add much to the conversation.


Is it another Android device? Windows Mobile 6.5 is ruled out, considering Moto has announced already that they are waiting to see what WinMo 7 can do before going back to the OS; the only other plausible option is to launch a phone with WiFi that isn’t a smartphone. What do you think?

WiFi Alliance doc; via CellPhoneSignal

Author: Brad Molen

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