Mysterious LG GR700 Passes FCC, Has AT&T Bands

We all know that just because a device gets approval from the FCC with AT&T bands, doesn’t mean it will actually officially become an AT&T phone. But we like to think that there’s a very good chance that it will happen. At the very least, it means AT&T is considering it.

So when we found out the LG GR700 passed through the FCC with flying colors, and with AT&T bands, it turned our thoughts to what exactly this phone could be.

Here’s what we know: it has a sliding phone keypad, WQVGA screen resolution and has a screen size of 240×400 pixels. There is a very good chance the phone has a touchscreen which would make it appear to be very similar to the KF700 (pictured below). We assume when keypad is mentioned instead of keyboard, this means it is a standard numeric keypad, not a QWERTY.


Check out LG’s official XML file on the GR700 here. Let us know if you see any other nuggets of insight that we can’t see.

FCC Link; via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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