Nokia investigating Carphone for unauthorized sales of its 5530 inventory

Nokia UK is apparently investigating Carphone Warehouse for selling tens of thousands of 5530 XpressMusic phones on the grey market.

Carphone launched the Nokia 5530 in the UK on August 11, after it ordered about 130,000 units from the Finnish phone maker.

According to MobileNewsCWP, more than half of the units were “offered to the UK trade at rock-bottom prices, explicitly for export outside of Europe” – which seems to be against the terms of Carphone’s exclusivity deal with Nokia.

nokia-5530-xpressmusic carphone warehouse

Several thousands of the Carphone-marked Nokia 5530 phones that were exported overseas have re-appeared in the UK. They’re sold at prices that are lower than the best prices offered by UK-accredited partners – this hurting sales via the mentioned partners.

Nokia obviously doesn’t want its UK stock to be exported, because this “skews country sales figures, associated marketing budgets and local logistics operations.”

We’ll bring updates on the matter as soon as something new comes up.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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