AT&T Posts Q3 Numbers; Admits Possibility of Losing iPhone Exclusivity

To many who have been around AT&T a while, there was a giant nugget of surprise during today’s call announcing the company’s Q3 2009 finances.

CEO of AT&T Mobility Ralph de la Vega admitted that there is always a possibility AT&T will lose iPhone exclusivity sometime in the near future, though he also is confident that it will not do much harm to the success of the company.

“We know (growth is) going to continue after the iPhone is no longer exclusive to us,” he said. “And we think that we’ll be able to continue with our growth with the iPhone and with other products that we think will be very attractive to customers.”

This may come as a surprise to many, given AT&T’s usual practice of staying tight-lipped about the future of the iPhone with the company. The fact that they are aware of the concept of losing that exclusive right is interesting; it’s never been admitted before.


Also noteworthy were the actual Q3 numbers itself:

  • 3.2 million iPhones sold (a new record), 40% of which were new activations
  • 2 million new customers, making a new total of 81.6 million
  • Total revenue of $30.9 billion
  • $3.2 billion Q3 profit (flat year-over-year from last year)

Curious, I decided to crunch some numbers to see exactly how much AT&T is profiting. It turns out that AT&T makes roughly $13.10 per customer, per month.

de la Vega also added a brief tidbit about its future lineup: “What we have in our portfolio is just a smashing set of products that are going to come out to exploit that capability and differentiate us when it comes to that functionality,” he said. “And also with speed. Keep in mind that, even if we lose the iPhone exclusivity, we’re going to probably be the only one which has a speed of 7.2 (Mbits per second) that these phones can work on. So they’ll work on our network faster than on anybody else’s network.”

via Channel Web

Author: Brad Molen

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