Ballmer: Zune is Coming to Next Windows Mobile

Farewell, Windows Media Player; hello Zune?

We have a pretty good feeling that the guys and gals over at Engadget had a great day, if nothing else than for the fact they interviewed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and got some useful tidbits from him besides the usual CEO-speak. And now all of the blogs are abuzz about it.

In the 40-minute interview, Ballmer revealed that the next version of Windows Mobile will feature Zune integration. We’re not sure if “next version” means 6.5.1, or WinMo 7 (I’m guessing the latter, considering the leaked screenshots of 7 being shown below).


Really, this just confirms the rumors floating around that Microsoft had a Zune phone in the works; integrating it into Windows Mobile actually makes quite a bit of sense.

We also don’t know any more details besides what has been quoted by Ballmer, so we’re not sure if Zune will completely take over all multimedia functions, or if there will be some sort of sharing with WMP. Frankly, I’d be totally fine seeing WMP gone for good.

via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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