GSM Palm Pre Available Unlocked in the US

Up until now, Palm lovers in the US interested in grabbing the Pre in all its WebOS glory had to head over to Sprint and sign 2 years of their life away with them. Finally, there is a second option, now that an unlocked GSM version has made its way overseas from Germany and is now available for purchase.

That was the good news. The bad news: it’s $715.

Not just that, it also is sans US 3G; so whether you are a T-Mobile or AT&T customer, you’re using 2.5G EDGE speeds. Fortunately WiFi is included, thus giving you that smooth, fast browsing experience you would normally get at a hotspot.


The other oddity is the QWERTZ keyboard. Nope, it wasn’t a typo. The Y and Z keys are switched on German phones, so it may take a little adjustment when typing.

Fortunately the price tag you’re looking at will not include a contract of any kind (including data). But is it worth it?

I have a feeling most are either joining Sprint or waiting for the Verizon version to come out early next year. What say you?

via Brighthand; Order the Pre here

Author: Brad Molen

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