Droid Passes FCC With AT&T 3G

It’s true, Droid news is flying all over the place like crazy. Ready for some more?

If any of you in the US are hoping for a version of the Droid on AT&T, you’re in luck. While a GSM version had passed the FCC just a few days ago, it only had 3G support for Europe; fortunately though, another version of the Droid was being pushed through at almost the same time. This particular version is all ready to go for North America.

Now we wait to see if it will be picked up by AT&T and/or Rogers. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.


Below is a sample of the FCC document approving the “Sholes”. As you can see there’s not much to look at, just a couple things confirming the name and frequencies it was approved for.


FCC Link; via MobileCrunch

Author: Brad Molen

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